Graphico, the growthcurve app

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Meet Graphico, the iPhone app that monitors the growth of your child according to international standards.

Add Birthdetails


Add your child. Give the child a name, a date of birth, select gender and add an ava. Now it's time to add some data.

Convenient Buttons

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Tab that button to gain quick access to all relevant sections of Graphico: the profile list, settings and help section.

Three choices

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Growthcurves, Settings or Weaning Food Schedule: it's your choice. You can always switch later though.

Monitor Growthcurves


View your child's growthcurve. Choose WHO or CDC references. Swipe to check weight, length and circumference graphs.

Food: what and when

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Know what your child may eat at any age. Do a search or check the appropriate foodgroups.

Your way


ENG, FR, DE or NL language. WHO or CDH growth reference. Metric or imperial units. Have it your way.

Compare curves

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Compare the growthcurves of all your kids. Each child gets its own color so you can easily see how they're doing.

Pumping milk

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Stop remembering and start filling. Keep track of your milk production. Day by day, week by week or even year by year.